Peruvian Japanese Cuisine

About Us

It is a world-wide known fact, Peruvian gastronomy is full-flavored and very influential. Aside from the notable monuments made by the Incan and Spaniards in Peru, the mass population knows Peruvian cuisine as one of the best. With a wide range of climates and regions throughout Peru, the different ingredients and animals found all over the country, allow the boldness of its famous flavors. The rich Peruvian culture can also be credited to the immigrations from Asia in the 1900s, that have since then created a natural fusion of cultures that reinforced the Peruvian cultivation.

In essence, the combination of these two worlds have served as the base of TiraDToss Restaurant. Located in the city of Miami, Florida, TiraDToss has been able to evolve further due to the wide ranges of cultures and races within the community. The goal is to present an experience to the public on the incredible capacity of the fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisines.

TIRADTOSS -Peruvian Japanese Cuisine

Lets not forget about the archaeological monuments that still stand, made by the Incan as well as the Spaniards that founded the capital of Lima. Out of this perfect combination of colors and culture blends, the Peruvian Gastronomy its now known world wide as the most influential and delicious cuisine in the atmosphere.

Peru, has a lot of Asian influence from the Chinese and mainly the Japanese, making the culture that much richer. On that note what better place to combine the two worlds and creating a unique Peruvian Japanese cuisine than in our beautiful city of Miami, Florida.

Fusing these worlds together and the idea of being able to participate in the growth of both cultures, was what motivated Flavio Travano & Jonathan Sanchez to build TiraDToss, Peruvian Japanese Cuisine. This was a group project where it was taken to the proper direction by the Executive Chef, Daniel Vassallo, from Peruvian decent, specialized in preserving and promoting the Peruvian cuisine.

TiraDToss came about, with all the help of the City of Doral and everyone that has one way or another added value to what TiraDToss is today.

Menu, Recipes & Presentation by Executive Chef, Daniel Vassallo - Peru