Food Service

Bettycroquer corporate food offers a very complete service, from a menu line simple with homemade food for the employee to feel comfortable as if he were at home, until very elaborated dishes with that gourmet touch for your more executive meetings combining catering service including a table spread in the meeting room of your company as if you were in any 5 star hotel. we have the ability to make any country’s typical food and we introduce the touch of Venezuelan food to achieve a complete fusion of the country where we are working with the Venezuelan food. Bettycroquer corporate food has nutritionists who make menus so that diners receive a healthy diet and balanced with adequate carbohydrates, fiber and protein amounts.

Our services are aimed at: . Diplomatic offices eaters . Public or private companies eaters . colleges and universities eaters . Restaurants clubhouses of housing estates or public clubs . Catering service for cinematographic films . Catering service for military institutions . Catering service for pharmaceutical laboratories . Catering service to diplomats: private or official meetings. . Catering services in private boats . Catering services in private jets