Your business events in hand with Bettycroquer will always be characterized as having a touch of creativity and professionalism that will make it a personalized service. we organize events, managing an integrated management system, demonstrating an ongoing commitment to achieve full satisfaction in our customers, thanks to our partners working to provide optimal service to lead us to excellence. We have a different proposal for each event, we cover events for 1000 people or 20, individual dinners or banquets we serve food at sea or in private corporate launches flights weddings, birthdays.

Catering for the Diplomatic Area:

Our reliability, timeliness, professionalism coupled to an absolutely confidential behavior with highly qualified staff has earned us entry into the diplomatic sector, covering events even in restricted areas and making your events unforgettable.

List of appetizers:


Bocconcini marinated in pesto with carpaccio of zucchini and roasted tomatoes


Chistorras with red wine on crispy rosemary


Ceviche of white fish on crispy banana with garlic


Tuna mousse with olive grissinis in pasermesano

Mini pastel

Mini fish pie

Ceviche de Mango

Mango ceviche


Octopus in olive and pepper with cayenne


Mini potato omelette with spanish sausage


Fried breaded cheese sticks (tequeños) with panela sauce (brown sugar) jam and spicy chili pepper


Paella, seafood rice, fideuàs, soups

Gourmet Logo

List of appetizers:

CANAPE Peaches with blue cheese Asparagus and ham Smoked turkey breast Shrimp with cream cheese Blue cheese in a pastry shell Cones ham with goat cheese Pink salmon with capers Brie cheese and Almonds Scallop medallion Smoked duck with pineapple Goat cheese, salmon and green apple Tuna mousse Salmon mousse Corn mousse Roasted and pepper mousse Crab and cucumber on whole wheat bread Shrimp with cocktail sauce Chicken delight and extra virgin olive oil Smoked salmon with capers Cheddar and smoked almonds Cones salami with cream cheese and Spanish olive oil Horn of ham and ham and cheese mousse Mini vegetable quesadilla mini shaped cones (mini flour tortilla vegetable with tomato, jalapeno, pepper green and red with cheddar cheese sauce) Mini quesadilla smoked chicken shaped cones

PETIT QUICHE Spinach Lorraine mushrooms bacon Chard, bacon and goat cheese

BROCHETAS Beef teriyaki with vegetables Chicken and pineapple with sweet and sour sauce Tenderloin, onion, paprika and guacamole sauce Grilled vegetables, honey sauce and balsamic reduction Salmon and prawns Tomato, mozzarella and basil sauce Pork with spicy sauce Hibachi chicken, red and yellow peppers, onions, jalapeno and cheese Spanish tortilla and chorizo cantimpalo

CEVICHES White Fish with crispy banana Shrimp Salmon in passion fruit sauce Seafood salad

CROQUETAS Bacon Tuna Serrano ham Fish with Tartar Sauce Shrimp with garlic Fish with dijon mustard Onion and Brie From chistorras Of potatoes and tartar sauce

BRUSQUETTAS Cheese with onion jam and sweet pepper Manchego cheese and olive oil Salmon and cream cheese on bread musli Arugula, prosciutto and cream cheese Roasted peppers and cream cheese Capresa, tomato, basil and onion Piquillo pepper and anchovy

AREPITAS From roasted black De Queen pepiada Shredded beef and cheddar cheese

TARTALETAS Chicken Salad Cream cheese, anchovies and black olives Ricotta and Spinach Caper cream, salmon and onion Asparagus cream

BALL cheese meat chicken Ham cheese and walnuts Temptation cheese, bacon and onion

MINIPIZZAS Goat cheese and tomato confit A cream with bacon, ham and cheese Spinach and ricotta Arugula and goat cheese Caramelized onions and mushrooms 4x4 (onions, peppers, ham, cheese, mushrooms and black olives) Betty Cróquer (napole sauce and seafood) Spinach and blue cheese

TEQUEÑOS (Fried breaded cheese sticks) Cheese Cured ham and cheese Guava and cheese

PATE Chicken liver and brandy 7 spices herbal lamb duck Chicken Liver

MINIEMPANADAS (MIN-PATTIES) Cheese Meat and yellow cheese Goat cheese and apple Temptation cheese and caramelized onion Blue cheese and tangerines

MINI SPANISH TORTILLA Potato and chorizo Spinach and ricotta cheese Jamon serrano 4 cheeses Piquillo peppers and manchego cheese

VARIED Mini cake pooch (fish cake typical of the margarita island) Bocconcinis marinated in pesto with zucchini and tomatoes roasted Bocconcinis stuffed with shrimp Chistorras red wine on crispbread Pig in sauce on French bread Grilled marinated in herbs black, honey and brown sugar on homemade bread Shopping stuffed potatoes julienne vegetables Vol-au-vent with creamy portobello mushrooms cheese Mini chicken polvorosa Mini chicken fajitas with chimichurri sauce, spicy, cilantro, onion and lime juice Mini basket, including potatoes with asparagus and hollandaise sauce Mini small basket of potatoes with cheddar cheese Roll shrimp cocktail Roll vegetable cocktail (zucchini, celery, carrot, Onion, chorizo and potatoes mushrooms) Coconut Shrimp Artichoke Hearts with Parmesan Mini tenderloin carpaccio on French bread Grisinis cheese and sesame Parmesan Grisinis Envoltini aubergines with cheese Envoltini house cheese, stuffed with ham, olives raisins, wrapped in sheet hallaca Blinis with smoked blue cheese Mussels in the shell with vinaigrette Bocconcinis skewers the Capresa Tartines asparagus and gorgonzola fried Wonton

MINI PANCAKES Corn From mushrooms Tenderloin Leek, onion and cheddar cheese